TARIFF SUSPENSIONS & QUOTAS : An industrial policy tool available to European producers

Economic operators in the European Union can obtain suspensions (without limitation of quantities) and quotas (in limited quantities) called autonomous tariffs for raw materials or semi-finished products used in the manufacturing of finished products and for which there is no production within the European Union.

These requests and any objections from producers of any identical, equivalent or substitute products must go through Member States (in France through the Directorate General for Customs), which then negotiate with the Commission within the framework of the Economic Tariff Questions Group (ETQG).

Quotas and suspensions are then published in Regulations and apply on a half-yearly basis. They can be challenged through the usual legal channels.

Thus, for the July 2022 round, objections must be submitted for suspensions and quotas already in force by November 3, 2021, and for new requests or requests to amend existing measures by December 1, 2021.

The list of requests for customs suspensions for possible application on 1 July 2022 is available on the EUROPA website.


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