New Covid-19 outbreak in the Chinese capital and impact on meat and seafood import

Due to a new Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing in early June originated from a wet market, where the genetic traces of the virus was found on a chopping board used to cut salmon (which is said to have come from Europe), some local customs implemented quarantine procedure for 100% imported salmon and frozen food, although no official notification was issued to impose this kind of measure.

Last July10th, Equatorian companies were required to suspend their import of shrimps because of genetic traces of the virus on packaging.

Domestically, although the Chinese government officer and industry bodies stress that the fish is unlikely to carry the disease, many restaurants and supermarkets have removed the salmon from their menus or shelves, facing scared Chinese customers.

There are also temporary suspension of some meat and poultry imports from US, Brazil, UK, Germany…

Since mid-June, China has reportedly suspended imports from several plants abroad where a cluster of Covid-19 cases has been found.

The names of the companies affected are not disclosed since the list only shows their import registration number. However, according to the social media account of the Chinese Customs, the list includes an American poultry plant.

Some other Australian, Brazilian, UK and German companies have voluntarily suspended China exports from plants affected by large virus outbreaks.

No French exporter is on the list until 15th July.